773D Logistics Readiness Squadron

On a disc Azure, a mountain range Purpure, snow capped Argent, overall in sinister a Dall Sheep Ram’s head of the third, horned Or, detailed and fimbriated Sable, issuing from sinister base three arrows arcing to dexter of the first, of the third and Gules, all within a narrow border Yellow.

Attached above the disc, a Blue scroll edged with a narrow Yellow border and inscribed “BY UNITED EFFORTS” in Yellow letters.

Attached below the disc, a Blue scroll edged with a narrow Yellow border and inscribed “773D LOGISTICS READINESS SQ” in Yellow letters.

Ultramarine blue and Air Force yellow are the Air Force colors. Blue alludes to the sky, the primary theater of Air Force operations. Yellow refers to the sun and the excellence required of Air Force personnel. The red, white and blue arrows represent employment of the three modes of transportation--air, land and sea, in support of global missions of joint Army and Air Force logistics operations. The mountains of Alaska signify the enduring nature of the Squadron, regardless of conditions. The Dall Sheep Ram is a creature unique to the Northern Frontier that embodies the strength, drive and leadership valued by the unit. The ram’s ability to rapidly adapt to changing conditions, to maintain balance as it climbs and to band together in pursuit of new endeavors while always taking the high ground makes it the perfect symbol for the Squadron. The mission to succeed is exemplified in the unit motto, “BY UNITED EFFORTS.”