Alaska Command

On a shield azure (blue, Cable No. 65019) a polar bear rampant proper (white, shaded blue-grey, detail black, mouth red), rising above a polar region in base proper, (mountains tan, snow caps white, sea light blue, outlined white and green); the bear superimposed over three lightening bolts or (Air Force yellow, Cable No. 65023), radiating from sinister chief, all within an orle of the last.

The threatening massive polar bear, one of the most ferocious and powerful living creatures found in the Arctic regions, is symbolic of those areas within the geographical responsibilities of the Alaskan Command. The pose assumed by the bear is technically accurate for mammals of that species sensing danger and preparatory to taking action. The character of the terrain displayed, which is generally mountainous, snow-covered, and rising precipitously from the sea, typifies the territory of Alaska as does the midnight blue backdrop of the Arctic night which prevails for such long periods of time throughout the Alaskan Command’s area of responsibility. The sky, land and sea are representative of the basic responsibilities of the three military services which comprise the unified command, while the three golden lightening bolts portray the awesome instantaneous striking power of the three component commands.

Approved 3 May 1999.